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Sorting internet radio favorites list
11.04.2018, 12:45 PM,
Lightbulb  Sorting internet radio favorites list
It would be a nice feature if we could sort our Internet radio favorites list by "genre" or music style, not only alphabetic !
For example you choose all trance stations on top of list or Salsa stations on top of list. 
or give us the possibility to number the favorites list, so its shows the favorite list in the order we like it our selfs.
15.04.2018, 04:19 PM,
Smile  RE: Sorting internet radio favorites list
Hallo Hello + Hola Manuel,

I'm a longtime CA-X30-user and follower of this forum here, so I was also confronted with these unsolved questions like sorting i-radio-favorites; unfortunately it seems there is no comfortable solution up to now.

Since years I use my own method for sorting the i-radio-favs, at least for the i-radio [reciva] - stations (its not working with airable):

Idea step 1: I use special characters to bring my absolute favs to the first places, for example position the asteriks "*" or "#" or a "." (point), two or more points "..", "..." as first characters of the station-name.

Howto: mark your stationname > menu > rename > save. (Use of an usb-keyboard makes it easier!).
BTW: you know that the "sort"-key on the rc is also active AND that you have some editing capabilities in using the web-interface?! Idea

Idea 2. step, with the same method as above I classify the stations after "genre", f.ex. choose a "C" for a classical station; or a "T" for "Trance" = C+stationname, T+stationname etc., etc., or you just number the genres and use this number as first charakter of the stationname, you just use your own preferences; if you didn't found out yourself already, try it.

Of course you know, some functions and possibilities vary with the firmware-release and/or the model. If the one or other idea was useful for you, pl. let the followers of this forum know. Apart from that we all wait for some smart solutions by the manufacturer in this + other questions! Smile In the meantime: enjoy the music with your CA.

Greetings from Hamburg, Michael

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